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21 January 2018

As I mentioned here, I have a bit of an Instagram habit.

And through Instagram I have found a some very interesting artists and makers. 

One such is Age of Reason

I have been following Ali Mapletoft, the driving force behind Age of Reason, almost from day one on Instagram - and I have been lusting after some of her designs!

So, I was very excited when she had a little sale just after Christmas and I bought a few of her cushions.

I have always loved this sailing ship.

And this 'I will never surrender' design is a classic.

That blue velvet in the middle is from Trisha Needham, a purchase a few years ago from the workshop sale.

The cushions are beautifully finished with a grey velvet back.

I also bought a 'paintbrush design' but that is on the sofa and not readily easy to photograph. (You see I love all those brilliant interior shots on Instagram, but somehow cannot replicate the effect myself!)


  1. Gosh, we should have an Age of Reason type business here in the U.S. Found their website, mission statement, community pages all very interesting and exciting! I too love that ship design.

    1. There must be one somewhere but I must admit I'm not aware of any via Instagram etc.


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