Malmo City Gallery

1 August 2018

If you have been reading my latest posts here, you will know that in May we enjoyed a rather lovely city break in Copenhagen and Malmo.

Just around the corner from the rather lovely Malmo city museum is a gallery space housed in a rather austere building that has had a bit of a checker-ed past - it has been a palace and a prison.

When we were in Malmo there was an exhibition about nuclear technology - 'Perpetual Uncertainty - art and radioactivity' a contemporary perspective on living in a society with nuclear technology.

One gallery was hung with these crystal chandeliers  I am not sure of the technology but they were 'glow in the dark'. They hung like eerie jelly fish.

Another gallery was showing a brilliant little documentary on the role Sweden played in discovering the Chernobyl disaster. 

And then one gallery had these stunning 'banners'.

They used old screens and stunning floral fabrics.  You might have spotted a William Morris fabric on at least one of the screens.

And then tea and refreshment in a very architectural garden space.

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