13 August 2018

Another instalment from the Swedish Tourist Board! 

Seriously, I was really taken with the place from the few days we were there.  (You can read about my Malmo experience here). 

From Malmo we took the train up the coast to Gothenburg. We only went for a day so it was just a flying visit, but nevertheless we got a lovely vibe and it would be a good place to return to. 

This piece of street art appealed - I love dogs and this captures their spirit entirely. 

We were mooching around in search of sustenance when we came across this amazing building - Feskek├Ârka.

A bit of history - this was originally the harbour side fish auction house and was architect designed with very distinctive arch windows (it looks a bit like a church) and internally an open structure without partitions and columns. 

Over time, the fish auction moved and the building has become a fish mongers and houses two fish restaurants. 

The fish counters are arranged down the sides of the open gallery space. 

And various monsters from the deep were available to purchase.

We opted to have lunch in one of the two fish restaurants in the galleries at each end of the market. We went to Restaurang Gabriel. 

One of the best meals I have ever had - simple and full of flavour. 

The other highlight was the staff - the waiters glided around as if they were choreographed! Effortlessly food appeared. I found them fascinating.  They also had the most fabulous aprons but I felt too embarrassed to take a photograph - so you will just have to take my word for it. 

Outside Feskek├Ârka was this charming statue. That dog!  This perfectly captures the focus of a dog waiting for a scrap, a juicy morsel. It could have been my old boy Gazza who loved fish! (In fact, just looking at it now, I cannot get over how like Gaz this is. It is almost as if he modelled for the artist!) 

The other highlight of Gothenburg (and indeed the whole holiday) was the achingly cool scandi interiors.  We found this shop and took photos and dreamed of taking that tan sofa in the second photograph home.

A lovely day trip and a charming city.

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