11 June 2011

Although progress is a bit sporadic, I am loving my latest sketch book – loosely based on a visit to Seville last September.

I started with a recipe book from a local charity shop. It was a lovely book, but recipes have rather moved on and I needed the paper! I have gradually been gessoing the pages and then using a number of different techniques to create background colour.

For one very successful page I used Procion dye dissolved in water as an ink, then cut a stencil from Freezer paper and used Markal paint sticks to add the design (the shape is very simple and is derived from a tile in a building in Seville).

I then scanned the image into the computer and using Paint.Net just manipulated the image. The results are very satisfying, though I am not sure what to do with them yet.

I am open to suggestions!

Meanwhile, the sketch book continues to develop slowly (and I should add that the bottom photo is the original - the wonder of Paint.Net)

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