Finishing Things

15 June 2011

Last weekend, it was a rainy Sunday, so I was able to steal several hours in my sewing room!

I managed to finish two more collars for Son No1 (I will do a proper post on the collars soon, but for now you just need to know that they take a long time!!)

I also found a scrap of fabric with some experimental prints using some commercial Thermofax images printed onto a piece of dyed fabric. It was just a scrap but seemed to call out for a bit of attention. So, I got out the cording foot for my machine which I bought at a quilt show a couple of years ago, rummaged in a bag with some random balls of wool, and low – I had a border. I had not used the foot before, but it was so easy!

I backed the fabric onto a piece of felt, added a couple of lines of embroidery (using a preset stitch from the machine) and there you have it – a very simple hanging.

A great Sunday. Note to self – finish more things. It makes you feel very good inside.

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