It has been a busy week at ‘work’!

17 June 2011

Finished page (though of course I might come back to it!)

By work I mean the day job!  In a way I am lucky as my day job does require some creativity – though not in a visual way.  But when a lot of creative energy goes into the day job the result is that I have felt a bit ‘blocked’ and not inspired to get the sewing machine out. 

So instead I have been doing a bit of gentle ‘sketchbook’ work.  I have a major work in progress, inspired by a visit to Seville last year.  Sitting in evening with the radio on and sketching or inking and using beautiful ‘ink tense’ pens, is a great way to keep creative and keep me going (it is my ambition to do something every day).
I find plain paper in clean sketch books a bit scary so am enjoying using an old recipe book, picked up in a charity shop, and have had some very fun evenings simply applying colour to the pages.

Page was gessoed, then paintsticks used to add background.  The 'hair combs' use inktense and gold mettalic ink

The background - ink splattered onto gessoed page.


  1. Hilary, lovely stuff. Your 'hair combs' remind me of gently floating jellyfish.

  2. They do a bit! I have a photo taken through security grills that provided the inspiration. They are lovely mystic shapes!


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