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27 January 2012

Yep - another week has gone by and suddenly February is just around the corner.

I am feeling a bit of a damp squib on the creative front. I am seeing all these fantastic blogs on my blog roll with lots of lovely work achieved and what have I got to show for January - well just that Bletchley Park is finished!!

But hey, lets look on the bright side.  So what have the highlights been for this week?

  • Well - except for my lovely friend Ellen, I have had the house to myself.  No house guests (though they will be back next week, I fear).  I don't exactly run a conventional bed and breakfast establishment - if they want breakfast I point them in the direction of the kettle - but I do provide an evening meal.  These guys take a bit of looking after.  (They are all work colleagues who do not live in MK but come down for 2-3 days per week.  When they are here I do find them a bit inhibiting.)
  • My daughter passed her driving test - first attempt!!
  • I have finished Bletchley Park
  • I bought a new car - bit of a impulse purchase but I feel it had my name on it and I had the help of Rob and Andy 
  • I have been to London Paddington and Dunstable for the day job 

And the lowlights

  • My lovely shiny new car (I should clarify that by new, I mean new for me!) is already getting the standard makeover.  Mud from the country lanes and Whippet X has put his mucky paws all over the back!  And that familiar pattern of Whippet X nose prints is already building up on the rear windows
  • Apart from finishing BP I have not done anything creative - feeling a bit blocked if truth be told
  • Whippet X got locked in the car - a few teething problems with the central locking (I can't use it)
  • Designer son has been having traumas with digital printing
  • I have been to London Paddington and Dunstable for the day job

If, like me, you are a dog lover, don't worry.  Whippet X was finally released, and not at all traumatised by his experience.

Ps.  I wrote this last night.  I got up this morning and thought this is daft.  I shouldn't feel blocked.  So I got out a few bits and pieces and did some work on this page in the sketch book.  Feeling much better.


  1. ....has my comment dropped off? Love the quilt, looking forward to the exhibition too. x

  2. Jane - your comment is here! Are you submitting anything?

  3. No sadly, I only found out about it last summer and I think I was too late to think, plan submit anything......a shame really, because I love BP and it would have been a lovely project. I shall enjoy admiring everyone's work though :)


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