What new year resolutions?

4 January 2012

Quietly, with no fanfare or announcement, I decided to make the following new year’s resolutions:-

·         To do something creative every day (even if it was just a doodle in my sketch book

·         To up date my blog more frequently

·         To try something new every week (my blogging friends from across the pond seem to manage that)

Well, what a good job I did not announce those resolutions as we are only on 5th January and I am already failing dismally!  I have not achieved point 1, point 2 is looking positively ropy and point 3 is most unlikely to happen.

But I won’t beat myself up as a dismal failure – instead I will focus on the positives.  So over the Christmas break I have achieved the following, in no particular order:-

·         Joined Pinterest

·         Had a fantastic Christmas 

·         Helped daughter with more doll making

Doll wigs.

We are not tidy workers!

  • Made blackberry jam!  (yes - in December!  Frozen fruit, lots of added pectin but it didn't set so well!)

·         Had a wonderful new years day walk

Whippet X and his girlfriend, plus Rob and Andy of Rob Turner China and OH

In addition I had a lovely new camera for Christmas from OH, so I hope the quality of my photos will improve and my friend Fee had probably one of the most unusual presents ever!

Oh, and we had delicious home made pickle, pickled onions and pickled plums with home cooked ham and the best ever bubble and squeak.


  1. Hilary - don't beat yourself up. Time is at a premium for everyone, as the title of your blog attests!

    Hope you enjoyed the Grayson Perry exhibition. It's still on my "to do" list - but I have got tickets for the Leonardo exhibition on Friday!

  2. Oh, I did, I did! Fabulous. You must go! I think it finishes in Feb sometime.


  3. Thanks for the reminder Hilary, I want to see Grayson's exhibition too. I like the way he thinks! Sounds as if you had a wonderful time for Christmas - all the very best for the new year!

    1. Annabel - thanks for your goodwishes. I am keeping an eye on your blog and love your contributions to Orientation.



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