Staple gunning and the end is in sight

18 January 2012

The background has taken longer than I had hoped.  But now it is done.

I used acrylic felt as the quilting wadding.  I wanted a bit of substance but I did not want the bouncy, 3 dimensional effect you get from some wadding materials.

The freehand quilting is just to provide some texture to the background.  It is acting as a frame only.  I could have used a 'square' shaped doodle, but chose the circles for simple contrast.

Then I stapled the fabric to the canvas (a commercially bought 60x80 canvas - I bought it via Great Art which does do some fantastic deals on art materials) using a staple gun - a bit of kit every quilt artist should possess.

Actually, this was quite tricky and I had to pull it tight and the quilting had distorted the fabric slightly.  At the corners it was very tricky to get a neat finish - so don't look too hard. (If you recall, this background used hand dyed shirts courtesy the charity shop)

This is the first piece I have finished in this way (thanks to Hilary Beattie for the idea) and I like the result.  I will probably use the idea again - certainly not as expensive as getting pieces professionally framed.


  1. I love the simplicity of the circles - so effective! Something for me to add to my "to practise" list...

    I can sympathise with the difficulty of getting a neat finish using a staple gun. We make our own silk screens at Morley by stapling what is essentially a bit of net curtain to wooden frames (very low tech!). It's tricky enough there to get the material flat with no "ripples" - but when it's quilted, it must be even more challenging. But looks like you've done a good job! :-)

  2. Don't look at the corners!!

    Thanks for your comments.

    Next pic will be the final piece. All ready for a few hand stitches to hold it in place.



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