Blooming Bloomsbury

19 January 2012

For the day job I sometimes have to schlep down to London Town.

Lately this schlepping has taken me, not to the realms of Victoria (ok, but nothing really going for it!) but to the delights of Bloomsbury.  Ideal in many ways!  First of all because it is a gentle trot down the road from Euston Station, and second because it is near the British Museum (I am a convert) and there are some fab little shops in the little streets in front of the museum.

Here is just a mini taster.

West and Skye has some lovely modern tartans and tweeds.

Satchels and Co has, well , satchells!  How retro.

 Abbott and Holder is a lovely looking gallery.  It changes it's windows every time I see it, so always dynamic and worth peering in.

And there is also a lovely shop called Edwards & Todd at 25a museum Street.  Lots of prints, papers and cards with a 50's English feel to them.  No photo but this link should give you a taste of the interior.

And last of all I thought I should share a christmas present with you.  A lovely bowl by my good friend Andy Douglas, one half of Rob and Andy.  The glaze is stunning, inside and out (spot the hares)


  1. Next time you are there, check out this one: 'Tea and Tattle', 41 Great Russle Street has a gorgeous Oriental and African book selection and the most delectable teas and cakes in a tiny cafe downstairs.

  2. Oh, I will!! I think I am bag there on the 1st Feb, so I'll make time for this.

    Ps glad to see that you have cracked the 'blogger comment barrier'!



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