Charging up the faithful pfaff

9 January 2012

At last - I charged up the faithful pfaff for it's first outing of the new year.  We're on the homeward stretch with Bletchley Park - just the background quilting to do.  There will be a few house guests this week and a bit of hairing around the country but I should be able to get a lot done and maybe even finish it off this weekend, well in time!  (But let's not get ahead of ourselves!)

And to prove it:-

This is the background piece that I am going to use to cover the canvas.  There's a lot of quilting but since most of it will be hidden by the front (main) piece I am going to cheat and just quilt the edges.

I am keeping it all very 'flat' and using acrylic felt as the backing.  Spot my latest favourite material - ground coffee wrapping.  I have been attaching it using Bondaweb, though I am sure glue would work just as well, and it is lovely to stitch.

Here is a bit of detail of the main front piece.  More coffee wrappings glinting there.

 And again, this time the phone boxes.

Meanwhile, I did say that I had a new camera for Christmas.  Well, I am just getting the hang of it (and I hope you will agree that my pics are a bit better) but I have found one fab feature on it - colour enhancer.  Just look how magical it made one of our local dog walks.  This was taken on the 2nd Jan - it was a dull grey day and normally such a photo would have been as boring as hell.  But this effect is fab.  Ok, so I know it exaggerates a bit but for me it captured the essence of a lovely wood in January.

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