22 October 2012

I've got a commission.

Not for any embroidered pieces - no I have a commission for some dog coats, for a trendy new fashion showroom about to open in Shoreditch.

In fact said trendy new fashion showroom belongs to Son No 1, he of the book keeping requirements.

Said Son has acquired a whippet puppy (so now we have a Whippet X in the family and his close cousin Whippet Pup - actually no relation at all but those Whippet Ears just have to be related!)  Although I saw Son No 1 on Sunday we were so busy that I forgot to take any photos of Whippet Pup, so that will have to wait for another time.

Anyway Whippets - be they X or the pure thing - hate the cold and the wet and demand outer wear.  But being in fashion Whippet Pup cannot just have any old coat - he has to have some thing stylish and on trend.

So, I am sourcing dog coat patterns to adapt.  But I can't find anything half decent.  All the patterns I have found so far are, well, naff!

So, if you know of any decent patterns, then let me know.

Meanwhile, back to the internet to source waxed cotton.


  1. Dog coats naff? Surely not! ;-)

    I typed "dog coats" into Etsy and knew instantly I'd made a mistake!

    This one looks a bit more businesslike - are you intending to quilt it?

    1. I might do. I have to use fabrics supplied by Son No 1 and they are already pretty ornate. Quilting may just be too much!

      But thanks for looking - I'll check that link.



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