Incendiary: Marie-Joseph Angelique

5 October 2012

In my last post I quoted a paragraph from a blog by Clive Hicks-Jenkins.  I make no apology for quoting it again because I think it's important.

 "An artwork needs to earn its keep. I’m not interested in art as wallpaper, so comfortable to live with that it ceases to be any more than decoration. I want to be moved by art, confronted, irritated even. I expect it to call out continually. I want to look at it and have it look right back, ask questions of me, lay down a challenge, demand attention."

And now I want to direct you to another blog.  Go and read Kit Lang's latest blog entry and read about Marie -Joseph Angelique.

To me this encompasses all of Clive's requirements.  I have no idea if Clive reads my blog, but Clive, if you do, go look at this piece by Kit and tell us all what you think.

Meanwhile, back in my somewhat more mundane world, not a lot has happened on the Memories piece since I left you.  For my sins, and as well as the day job, I do books and other boring stuff for Son No 1.  And I thought I had finished August at the weekend, but no!  He found some more invoices!

It turns out that I had most of them, but nevertheless I had to cross check them.  I also intended to do his Cash Flow, but have failed dismally and that is going to have to be this weekend's glorious task.

But on a high note, Whippet X and I are off for a long weekend in Cornwall with my dear friends Rob, Andy and Molly (Molly is a dog!).

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  1. Enjoy your weekend away - you're not taking the books with you to Cornwall are you?!

    1. Iz - I took the books full of good intentions, but the sun shined on us and glorious dog walks called instead!

  2. My goodness - thanks so much for this! I really appreciate your sharing my work with your readers.

    1. Kit - I hope I managed to send a couple more peeps to your blog. Keep up the good work. H xx


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