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29 October 2012

When I set off on my journey into Blogosphere I decided to call my blog "Living to Work - Working to Live" to reflect the fact that as a full time salary earner, and in a fairly high pressure role, my textile life often had to jostle for place with other commitments.

This month has really been one of those months.  I seem to grab 5 minutes here and there.  But I am working on something - really I am.

Back at the beginning of the month I showed you this.

This is one of my favourite techniques for making back ground papers.  You 'paste' tissue paper onto a backing fabric (in this case calico) with a pva/water mix and then sprinkle a dry ink or dye onto the surface and then let the water work it's magic.

This was black brusho ink in powder form.

Over night the ink meandered across the paper and I got this.

This is from the original piece at the top which was quite large.  I cut it into several A4 size pieces for a Journal Quilt piece I am working on.

What is lovely is that this is black ink, but the colours have seperated slightly.

The image is a paper template I have been playing with to get the scale right.  You might remember it from here. (it is lurking behind the ivy).

This evening, as part of this work I have been researching images relating to Scotland and to Australia.

There is a connection - really, there is!

But for now, that is all the time I have been able to grab!


  1. Replies
    1. Sadly, not many moments grabbed lately! But Whippet X and I are about to head out for our morning peramble and then I hope to have about 3 hours to crack on!

    2. Did manage to grab about 3 hours, but now packing up car and heading south for dog sitting and other duties.


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