St Enodoc's Chapel

9 October 2012

Somewhat showing my ignorance, one thing I did not expect in my short break to Cornwall was to find the grave of Sir John Betjeman. 

But we did, in the prettiest of little churches, tucked in the rolling dunes just at the mouth of the Camel Estuary.

What a view - if my bones have to rest anywhere then this is as good a place as any I think.

The little church is in high demand as a wedding venue and the porch and door had been decorated.

 (Ps, that's Molly, best friend of Whippet X, waiting patiently outside the church.  Not sure she was so impressed with the flowers).

And inside, they were all geared up for Harvest Festival.

 And in the porch, this lovely romantic tombstone (which did not photograph so well).


  1. What a beautiful spot. Very restful for the mind I imagine.

    1. It was just glorious. And I do feel rested!

      But this morning it is back to reality with a bang!

  2. A beautiful spot - looks like you had lovely weather too!


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