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21 October 2012

It is a ridiculously early hour on a Sunday morning and I am wide awake.

Wrestling with sleep, and loosing, seemed like a waste of time so, instead, I am up, contemplating my laptop, drinking coffee and putting off a grim day of paperwork for Son No 1 by getting distracted by the web.

And I found this, and for anyone interested in quilting arts it is worth a look (and also follow the links)

Linda Kemshall: Exhibition open:

Do you think that Linda Kemshall is ever up at 5am on a Sunday doing book keeping, or has she got her life more in order and if she is up at such a ridiculous time then she is being creative.  (One thing you can't call book keeping is being creative - surely that is not the point!)

Once this is all sorted (and it has been a bit demanding lately) then I will get back to the memories series (which is progressing very slowly!)

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  1. I went to the exhibition on Friday and it is definitely one that shouldn't be missed.

  2. Bookkeeping is just something to slog through so you can be creative later. At least that's my theory. (Although I don't know if anyone would describe what I do as bookkeeping!)

    1. Michelle - I an slogging, I am slogging!!

      In the end less of a book keeping and more of a 'manual task' kind of day!


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