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2 February 2013

Dear reader, if you popped by and read my last post, then you would have got a sense that January has been a bit bleak on the creative front!

Well, I have just down loaded my photographs, and perhaps I should not be quite so hard on myself (especially as I was up at 4.30am yesterday morning, to walk the poor dog and then schlep across England for an 8am meeting - which then went on until 3 pm - and I did not get any lunch!!  But that's a different life, for as you know, I keep my lives separate!)

I have achieved something!

I picked up a 9 Patch UFO, got it assembled and mounted on 'The Beast'!

And I started to play with a colour wheel idea.

So, maybe things aren't so creatively bleak!

And this weekend I have determined to make a decision whether or not to join the Contemporary Quilt Group Journal Quilt Challenge and whether to work on a Horizon Quilt for FoQ in Birmingham.

Plus, I have some stuff to finish.

So, onward and upward!


  1. Yes, join! Do it! Love the colours on the quilt pieces...very uplifting for a cold February.

    1. They're very sunny aren't they. Daughter chose them, so I will probably give her this quilt when it is finished.

      And pretty certain that I am going to do both! Lots of support from other quilters telling me to have a go.

  2. Great colours! And nothing like a challenge deadline for firing up creativity (ask me how I know!). :-)

    1. they are rather fabulous aren't they. Traditionally I was always drawn to the dusky palette of autumn but more and more I am appreciating the sunny zesty colours like these - which were chosen by Daughter who also doesn't have a fear of white walls!


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