Drama and stitched dolls

23 April 2013

Drama this weekend.

The sun came out so we went for a lovely long walk (Whippet X and I accompanied by Daughter No 1 and her wayward Pup Koda).

A lovely walk - all under control as much of it was a lead walk (but since it was about 7 miles, don't think that the dogs were too hard done by).

But, and luckily this was at the end of the walk, Whippet X had a rather unfortunate and expensive encounter with what we can only presume was a nail or similar on a fence post.

And this was the outcome!

The anasthetic bothered him more than either the original gash ('what gash Mum?') or the subsequent stitches.

Meanwhile, while we were at the vet, Daughter No 1 pressed on with some doll making.

The Black gesso gives them a rather spooky look.

These are fabric dolls - stuffed calico bodies covered with an air dry clay.

I suggested she enter them in the FoQ.  What do you think?

Oh, and the finished JQ 'Bed Time Stories' is now here.


  1. Ah, poor dog :( Dyland got embroiled with a barbed wire fence once, and panicked, tearing himself terribly.) I sympathize. Still, I'm sure he'll leap up if he hears the rattle of a Boneo box.

    1. Dogs are resilient and the recovery has been remarkable!


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