Horizons - Technical Hitch

2 April 2013

I had some very supportive comments when I posted the designs for the horizon ideas on the blog at the end of march (a couple of blog entries ago) which I had posted on the blog of Nina-Marie, so I hoped that by now I would be able to report on finding a digital print house and all the technical issues of sending a file for printing.

However, there is a technical hitch!

The pages I used (here's one!) are not standard size so I am struggling to find a scanner which can scan the image in one take.

You cannot tell from the pictures, but the paper (which is sourced from an old recipe book - great recycling) is not a standard A4 page size.  Consequently I need an A2 scanner (A3 is too small for the pages - 2 pages are bigger than A3) so I want an A2 scanner, and, guess what, they don't seem to be that common in my local copy shops!  So, I have a bit of a dilemma.

What to do?

The options are:

  1. Find a copy shop with an A2 scanner - tricky it seems
  2. Jiggle with an A3 Scanner - but then I rely on someone else
  3. Take a series of photos and try to stitch them together
Bother - I did not think this through at the beginning.

So we have sort of hit the buffers. But stick with me - I'm sure I can find a solution.


  1. Replies
    1. Brilliant - thanks Jane. I actually know where Staples is!

  2. Find a branch of KallKwik

    I use them all the time, they don't charge much, and will play with colour until you are happy and trim to size before you leave. They will even give you the 'rubbish' prints free of charge, so you have more to play with. I've used several branches and they are really helpful. Much better than just finding a 'copy' machine.

    1. Thanks so much for this tip, Myfanwy. Jane suggested Staples and I know where they are but I think there is a Kallkwik in the city centre some where.

      So glad I posted about my dilemma - really helpful responses.

      Thanks so much.


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