Bramble Patch Exhibition - Part II

1 April 2013

Dear reader - you have only a few more days to hoof it over to the Bramble Patch  to see the Orientation Exhibition.  It is on until the 6th April.

The reason, I am sure, for the limited amount of time is that the BP is using it's workshop space for the hanging space, and I am sure both Tutors and students are itching to get back to their classes.

If you are not sure about going, then a bit more to tempt you.  In the adjacent room there is work being exhibited by some of the tutors and their students.  Here is a taster for you.

Work by Angie Huges - Mixed Media and Embroidery

By Sabi Westoby - Seed heads embroidered on tea bags

A sample by Sabi - so generous of her to invite us to handle the sample. 

Bren Boardman - Across the Meadow II (Lutrador painted with acrylics and oils and thread) 

Sarah Showers - Ammonites Revealed

Tracy Allen - Sketchbook page

There was lots more, but my photos did not do it all justice.

So, if you do get the chance, then I urge you to pop along.  (Which is a bit tricky I know for my readers across the pond).

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