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4 April 2013

I get a real buzz when I look on my 'stats' page and see that I have had a lot of visitors.  Making art alone can be a very isolated process and I do crave the community of like minded people to give me feedback and drive me on. So thanks one and all for dropping by.

Yesterday seems to have been an exceptional day - although I thought that my most recent blog post has not been so exciting.

A lot of people seem to be popping over here from two other great blogs so my sincere thanks to Annabel and The Crafty Mugwump (who like me is a wee bit anonymous on the blogosphere).  If you one who hasn't come from there, then please pop over to see what they are up to.

Meanwhile, me?  Well I am off to either Staples or Kallkwick today (thanks to Jane Bean and Myfanwy Hart) to sort out my little technical glitch of A2 copying.

I'll report back!


  1. Look forward to hearing how it goes. Have fun ;)

    1. It has the potential to turn into a saga!! But onwards and upwards.

  2. Love that colour hit at the end of your blog.
    I've always liked the word anonymous after my name, never been one to deal with attention (Norfolk upbringing). That is why blogging is perfect for me, lots of like minded friends, without feeling overwhelmed.

    1. Ah - thanks. A sketch book page (procion dyes and paint sticks I think) scanned and manipulated in So simple, yet so effective.

      And thanks for sending so many people my way.

  3. Well I tried post then I think someone in the village sneezed and the computer went wobbly!

    I never know how to read stats properly, are hits better than users? And on my 'grown up' website there are also visits which muddies everything again. I'm just happy when I have a comment or two. :-)

    1. Well, me too, but when I look on the 'post's summary and see the number of page views I know that people are at least getting there, even if they just immediately bounce off to the next page/blog/web site.

      It is very encouraging.

      So thanks for stopping by, reading and, of course, leaving a comment.


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