In search of the ultimate jam recipe

22 August 2013

We in the midst of a fruit glut.

And fruit gluts call for jam making.

And just any old fruit jam will not do, so I have been on a quest for the ultimate jam recipe - and I might have found it.

I present:-

  • Caramel Apple Jam
  • Blackberry Jam with Ginger and Mint
  • Blackberry Jam with Ginger and Whiskey
I am currently enjoying the Apple Jam.  It was dead easy and I would share the recipe with you - but I have lost the link!!!   Bother - and Google is not helping! 

Meanwhile, in the garden I am growing poison (Ricinus). That flower looks evil in my opinion! 

I am also doing stitching - the Journal Quilts deadline is looming.  I will share very soon.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I have a cumquat tree in a pot, just for ornament but the other year the stars aligned & there was so much fruit...then i saw at the market the price of the candied cumquat, I could have made enough to retire on. So i duly made the candies and poured off the syrup as it was jam like. Also dipped some of the candies in choc...ooh ahhh... Delish.

    1. I am drooling!!

      Is a cumquat a relation of lemons/oranges? It does sound exotic!

  2. MMMM, those sound delicious, particularly the caramel and apple.

    I wish I'd had a container with me when we came across the mulberry tree last week as the flavour was so exquisite.

    Good luck with the journals.

    1. Mulberries are fantastic but I don't think they travel that well! My friend has one in his garden - they sometimes have mulberry pancakes for breakfast!


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