Skidding to a deadline!

29 August 2013

At the start of the year I signed up to the Contemporary Quilters Journal Quilt Challenge.  This requires one Journal Quilt each month on a chosen theme - in my case I chose the theme 'Memories'.

I started blogging about this in February - and you may recall that I decided to treat these JQs a bit like a sketch book (or follow a 'what if' approach to the project).

So for the second group of 4 mini quilts I used 'memories of Andalusia' to inspire the theme of the quilts.  You may recall that I prepared some background papers which I blogged about here - and I was a bit concerned that I had cheated a bit!  But this was a sketchbook approach - it's fine!

So the next stage was to take the photographs created in July, print them onto 'print ready' cotton fabric and then quilt.

And here we are.

Laid out on fabrics sun printed using 'Setacolor Soleil' paints.

Memories 5 - The Bath House Floor
Memories 6 - Seville Courtyard
Memories 7 - Cordoba Mezquita
Memories 8 - Spanish Tile

Generally I am happy with these little sketches, although the last one, the Spanish Tile, needs a bit more thinking.  The definition of the Tile Print is lost.

I have edged the quilts with a little blanket stitch.  I like that and may use it again (though the poor machine started skipping stitches - it desperately needs a bit of TLC.  I must get it serviced!) 

Let me know what you think of these and thanks for stopping by.

Oh and why is this post entitled Skidding to a deadline?  Because these had to be uploaded onto the Contemporary Group website by the 31st August.  Others had their quilts finished and uploaded months ago! 


  1. I really like the layered effect in no.7.Very complimentary combination of leaves and arches.

    1. Thanks - yes that one really works. A technique to try again I think.

  2. Wow - love the Cordoba arches!

    1. Thanks - it is a technique that works. As I said to Pam above, definitely one to try again.

  3. All very intriguing. Glad you made it to the deadline.

    1. Perhaps I should use the Cordoba piece and go back and do a step by step/this is how I did it post.

      Thanks for your comment - oh and have you hit the deadline?


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