Inspiration at the Bramble Patch

30 August 2013

Inspiration is often to be found at the Bramble Patch - that Mecca for all things textile in the heart of Northamptonshire.

And today did not disappoint. 

I schlepped up there to see the fragrant Hilary Beattie and Stephanie Redfern who have decamped their studios there for a few days. 

As usual, Hilary was working in overdrive (if there is such a thing as a textile dervish -rather than a whirling one - then our Hilary is its embodiment!)

Somewhat foolishly, although I took my camera I forgot the memory card so the photos were taken with my phone which is not ideal ( call me old fashioned, but I think phones are for phoning on and cameras are for taking photographs).  Anyway you get the flavour. 

As always both ladies were generous with their techniques. 

Stephanie isn't really pointing at anything - as I said taking pictures on my phone is far from ideal. 

Hilary was, as usual, prolifically creating mountains of fabric and paper.  No doubt much of this will pop  up in future work. 

There was also an exhibition of their work in the gallery space there. 

There was also work by another artist, more traditional patchwork but stunning. 

I was particularly taken with this vivid quilt called Strata Dreams. 


  1. I was there too, arrived about 10.30 left about 12.00. I have followed Steph's work for some time and just adore her work. I wasn't familiar with Hilary's work, she is certainly prolific. I have booked a course in November with Steph, (fingers crossed I'm well enough). A great morning out, very inspirational.

    1. I must have missed you by a whisker as I got there about midday. Sorry about that. Steph is great. I love her work.

  2. Hi Hils - thank you for the lovely photos .. pretty impressive I would say if using a phone. I'm particularly impressed that you can actually get them off your phone. Must discuss this with you at some point as I have loads on phone, but badgered if I know how to get them off! I like the idea of being a textile dervish .. although looking at the above lady, I can't help but pine to be a mugwump (spello suggest Mug Ump here .. ????) too. Wonder if I could be a whirling mugwump too? Sure I could mange it. The days at the BP were great fun for all I think, Steph and I certainly enjoyed them. Anne has asked us back next year .. so we will be able to do it all over again. Enjoy Spain - lucky you xx

    1. Hilary - I cheated! I emailed them to myself!! And it's great that Ann at the BP has such great space for these wonderful creative ideas. See you soon. H


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