More foam stamp blocks ( not mine but a chap called Eric)

30 October 2013

I've been meandering all over You Tube Lately.  Going down lanes and up alleys (if you see what I mean). 

And I found this:- 

Now you might know that I'm a bit of a fan of block printing using funky foam, but Eric takes it to a whole new level! 

I am impressed! 


  1. Dang! I'm in the midst of Dijanne Cevaal's linocut class so this is pretty interesting. I'm still trying to train my eye to see good contrast compositions. I love his cello guy and the girl. Sigh - there's so much more than just basic technique to these things. You are right - I too am impressed with this guy.

    1. What impressed me was the professional print from a bit of kids foam. Working with a photograph seems such a great idea.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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