Pepper post part 2

5 January 2014

First of all - we have a little house guest! 

Second of all, the walks are becoming logistical nightmares! It's all the mud! I wash the dogs in a bucket of warm water in the kitchen afterwards, but that usually means that the kitchen floor also gets washed! 

So back to the peppers. 

A bit of gentle Sketchbooking. 


A happy afternoon spent carving a Lino block ( not proper Lino but that softer alternative).

And we're on our way. 


  1. Love your non-proper-lino-but-can's-think-of-the-name, carving. Definitely essence of pepper/chillies. Your house guest is a very handsome chap!

    1. Thanks old bean. Struggling to print with it because the non Lino Lino doesn't really work with water based inks. Need some new printing inks. An excuse to shop!

  2. Cute house guest and yes is a nightmare keeping clean!!

  3. Hooray for whippets! We wash the paws in a bucket of (warm!) water on the doorstep, then dry them before he's allowed in the house. If I remember, I do the bucket before we go out. If I don't it gets complicated...Luckily whippets don't get wet and straggly fur on their tummies, and with a quick wipe down they're good to go!

  4. Love the chillis, and am really looking forward to seeing the prints. Every sympathy with the muddy dog problem. A collie / spaniel cross lives in our house - very messy!


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