Pepper post part 3

11 January 2014

First print run from Lino block. 

Looking good. 

Needs a bit of cleaning up. 

When I've cracked today's to do list ( wish I just had a clear day, but there you go! No rest for the wicked etc.) will see where this leads. I have the destination in mind, but the journey to get there is an adventure in itself. 


  1. Looking very good, actually!

  2. ah thanks Iz. Are you looking at this on your new toy? Makes browsing so much easier. And download the Facebook Ap and you will find that easier too.

  3. I love the 'extra' marks that show on lino block prints! This is looking lovely so far...can't wait to see where it's all going!

  4. For me, the journey is always the greatest part of the adventure with its problems, 'what ifs', resolutions and skills learnt. The destination is just the end point, though it can be very rewarding in itself - briefly before I'm wanting to begin on the next project.

    1. I'm a bit like that. Still on one journey and the next one is calling! Must learn to focus!! But I do so enjoy the journey!


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