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19 January 2014

Isobel Moore reads my blog from time to time and also runs textile courses at Uckfield Community College or Fairwarp Village Hall Uckfield ( which for foreign readers is in the county of Sussex, South of London).

Well, she dropped by my blog the other day and mentioned that  her class would be doing printing with foam blocks this week. 

So for Iz and all her students ( and I have no idea if any of them drop by here) I rummaged through my tin of foam print blocks and assembled some of them artfully on the work table and took a photo. 

Iz - hope you and they can get some inspiration. 

This first collection has a bit of a Spanish feel.  That's a Comb in the foreground. 

Randomness , including the block for my Christmas card ( and a couple made from commercial shapes not yet used).

The flower ones have been particularly successful - I used a Sarah Raven catalogue for inspiration, and also the horse chestnut leaf (which had an outing with my mixed media prints just before Christmas). 

And last of all a detailed leaf pattern from the C&G courses couple of years ago. 

Some of them required intricut cutting. I use small sharp scissors, a craft knife and, sometime, a soldering iron to burn in detail .  But this gives off a nasty smell so you can only do that in a very well ventilated area. Not really recommended. 

I use pva glue to stick them down, and if just stick them to recycled card (dog biscuit boxes come in very handy). 

I love my foam print blocks. 


  1. Ooh!!! Thank you! I'll put you on our Moodle page!

    1. That will be exciting. Don't think I've been moodled before!!

  2. These all look wonderful. I expect you use them often. Love the positive and negative shapes. And the last one is especially divine!! Great stuff!

    1. I love my foam blocks, and sometimes, when I don't feel very creative I will just sit quietly and make another. Once I've finished with my peppers theme ( which is for some simple artworks that I want to offer to a local gallery/ tearoom) I will make some more based on leaves that I can then use with my new gelli plate - which I will show you on my next blog post.


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