Small diversion into fabric manipulation

14 January 2014

I have been catching up with my blog reading.  One blog I follow is Stitchinscience  and Avril has just reported on her weekend.

Personally I can do without the mending, but the fabric manipulation caught my eye - principally because it is a technique I have used to great effect, though not in my own work.

A couple of years ago Son no 1 had to complete his graduate collection.  At the time I blogged about the silk collars I had to make. 

Well, I also got roped in to some fabric manipulation. 

It is difficult to see from these photos, but it was those jackets. 

Basically we used silk chiffon and silk habotai. The chiffon was marked out with a dot every two inches.  Around each dot a ring of gathering stitches was created and when gathered up the dot was then anchored to the habotai with a Swarovski crystal. The white jacket, which was longer, shows the technique most clearly, though actually Kit and his partner wear the black one now quite a lot. 

It took hours! ( understatement) 

My memory is a bit hazy now, but I think this was the reference book we used. 

A fascinating, but not wholly commercially viable, technique. 

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