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27 January 2014

You've just got to love this girl!

First of all, she's got a dog ( all round big brownie points from Whippet X and me on that one) and second of all, does she ever sleep? 

Sleep, or rather the lack of it, is close to my heart! Last week was probably my worst ever insomnia session ( I won't bore you with the details - but trust me, it was bad!) and that knocks me out for about 2 days.  Consequently my own art has been rather lacking of late. 

So how does Jenny manage to pack it all in? I'm pretty certain she has a day job but she creates these amazing and generous tutorials. 

So have a look at this one where she is making print blocks from wool and have also a look around her blog.  She is not so much a fabric gal, but she still has a lot to offer.



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