Matt Gel de-mystified ( and a world of possibilities)

26 July 2014

If you are like me then you can get a bit confused with all of the different products out there which are available for mixed media and textile artists.

What do they all do?

Which ones should I be investing in?

Well, in an early morning blog reading session over a cup of coffee I found this.

It's a really good example of the possibilities of Matt Gel and at the beginning does show you the difference between Matt medium and gel. Sorry, you might already have known this, but for me this was a bit of a revelation. Also, and you can hear the pennies clanking as they drop, I now appreciate that I can extend my paints and make some a bit more translucent by using Matt medium. Duh!! 

This artist does not use any stitch in the canvas. However the possibilities of using dried Matt gel in stitched projects does seem rather exciting.

Anyway this is only a quick post because I've got a heap of chores to do including finishing the little wedding favours. I will do a proper post about these later. I've also got to do the samples book for Festival of quilts ( for the Contemporary Qulit Gallery and all the Dislocation samples) and in my mind I have a new piece of work brewing. This is a good thing because I actually haven't done a piece of work since the dislocation quilt and really do need to let the creative juices flow.

Have a good day.

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