28 July 2014

Are you on Pinterest? 

Yes I know, it can be another internet distraction. I too Facebook too much, have little sneak peaks at Twitter during the day and generally get distracted by emails etc. 

But I do like a little browse around Pinterest. I am aware that many artists get upset by copyright infringements etc. And I can understand that, but let's focus on the positive. 

And for me, this morning, the positive is discovering this American artist Rex Ray.

For textile and mixed media artists I would say he's a 'must visit', though Rex, if you're reading this too, your gallery could be easier to navigate. There are some lovely textile artists out there who have more use re friendly galleries. Just saying! 

So have a look at his images and see what you think. 


  1. Oooh, Pinterest! I succumbed as it is so interesting ( well the bits that grab me, of course) but I have to have a time limit or I could get lost ;) There's no direct link on your Rex s I'll try the lod fashioned 'copy & paste' into google!

    Love the wedding favours & quilt samples.

    1. Oh - sorry the link did not work. Does it work if you cut and paste? I'll try another link I think.


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