Ribbons, tea cups, FoQ Samples and other nice things

27 July 2014

So, a busy but fruitful Sunday.

Do you remember I was playing around with tea cup images? This is for little wedding favours.

I have hand printed the tea cups and backgrounds onto paper then photocopied the words about afternoon tea.  These papers I then trimmed (I invested in a punch that does rounded corners - a bit of an investment I would say) and stuck onto flower rag paper - the sort of paper with petals incorporated into it. ( this was the prototype, hence the slight smudge!) 


Then I tied the papers with bows.

I ran out of ribbon so I have still got some more to roll and tie.

So then I moved onto the 'book' of sample quilts for the Contemporary Quilt gallery at Festival of Quilt which is only a couple of weeks away now.

All stitched onto the pelmet vilene pages.  I used that plastic invisible thread. I hope all the quilters approved.

Here is the stack numbered and ready for binding (it is going to take at least two albums I think)

And then something for me.  I have been so busy lately there hasn't been the time or the head space for any new work, but I have something brewing.

But before I get onto that I thought I would create another handmade book with a different binding to the ones I did earlier this year.

So out came the Brusho ink powders.

Sprinkled onto lining paper (you know the stuff - you buy it from DIY stores) and then sprayed with water.

And also sprinkled onto bits of pelmet vilene left over from the FoQ samples book.  And again sprayed with water.

And then a few pieces of vilene were further decorated with Grunge Paste coloured with Fresco Finish Tikka paint applied through commercial stencils.

These little pieces are only 2 1/2 inches  4 1/2 inches appex.  And I used brown and ultramarine Brusho inks.

I am rather pleased with the possibilities these present.  I have in mind how the book will look, but am not so clear on what it will contain. I am thinking poetry but not sure.


  1. I shall enjoy seeing the sample book knowing that you've made it :) The wedding favours are really pretty and the brusho has given you some lovely effects especially combined wth the printing.

    1. Thanks Julie - it's been rather an honour handling all the little quilts. A couple of techniques in particular really float my boat. And I can say there will be some very interesting quilts on display.

  2. Ooh, these are yummy, I will be looking for Brusho inks at FOQ.

  3. I'm pretty certain I got my set at FOQ. The colours are so intense it seems I've hardly used any.


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