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16 July 2014

Dislocation: Abcission III  has been juried in to the gallery with the contemporary quilt group at the Festival of quilts in Birmingham in August.

Quietly, I am thrilled!

Even more experienced Quilters it seems were not selected. So as well as being thrilled, I am also very honoured and slightly humbled.

And then the other bit of news was that the bride signed off the wording about Afternoon Tea.  So I have got to crack on and finish those little pieces ready for the wedding at the beginning of August.

Oh, and there is one more bit of news! Horizons : al- Zahara, the quilt I made for last years CQ Gallery, has been invited to go on its travels again. I need to do a little bit of repair work before I send it on its next journey because the tissue paper on which it is quilted is getting a bit ragged at the edges. 

I'm not too concerned because I think I can do a nifty repair job with a bit of matt medium.


  1. Well done, how exciting. Mine didn't get in, so I'm feeling a bit gloomy. Reminding myself that is is the process that is supposed to be the point, not the recognition.

    1. Avril, I've also got all the samples to stitch into a book including yours. Intrigued how the choice of entry was made. I think there are moves afoot to do something with those not selected though. That in itself could be exciting. Wish I ran a gallery!!

  2. Congratulations - well deserved!


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