More Afternoon Tea

10 July 2014

Afternoon tea continues - with this little print block.  

 I'm having fun with this - getting carried away with backgrounds.

Of course I'm using my favourite Fresco Finish paints. 

Using some commercial stencils to build up layers of colour and pattern. 

I just love this paper, but it's too dark for the words. The luscious Claret paint is going to have to stay in its box.

Meanwhile I was also building up a background in the sketchbook. 

An old book page covered with gesso to blend them in, and more paint ( the same colours but mixed on the brush so a more orange hue) 

And then a wash of ink. 

And repeat designs. 

But I must be commercial, draw a line under all the playing and make a decision.

And I am using the phone on my camera when I play as my computer is so slow, so these pics aren't the best.  But you get the gist I think. 


  1. Lovely backgrounds, and the little teacup is fab.

  2. I'm really quite taken with your little teacup stamps...

    1. Thanks. I would like to have made them more intricate, but time and size has rather dictated the agenda.


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