A bit more from Festival of Quilts

25 August 2014

August is slipping away already, yet it seems that there is still so much to digest from Festival of Quilts this year.

I did gallop round the exhibition quilts and there were many beautiful quilts, but for whatever reason this little selection caught my eye.

This first quilt caught my eye simply because the stone work was so realistic.

Kay Lockie - Lest we Forget
 This could be a photo of a flint wall.
Detail from Lest we Forget

This caught my eye because of the subject matter and the powerful colour.
Detail from Casting the Iron Bridge by Linda Turner
Linda Turner - Casting the Iron Bridge

Ethelda Ellis - Forest
Detail of 'Forest'

Sandra Morris - Shoreline
Detail from 'Shoreline'

Detail from 'Shoreline'
I particularly liked the painted leaves and olives on this next quilt.
Jo Coombes - Calabrian Courtyard

Detail from Calabrian Courtyard

Yvonne Brown - Bristol Tryptich

Anne Tuck - Gate

Detail from 'Gate'
These were not winning quilts - to the best of my knowledge they were not 'judges choices' either.  But they caught my eye.


  1. Interesting quilts Hilary. I spotted the flint quilt too, it was very evocative.


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