FoQ Hightlights - Quilt Creations

13 August 2014

Possibly the most eccentric (even the most bonkers?) section of the FOQ competition displays is the category called 'Quilt Creations' - and I'm always drawn to it first. What does that say about me? 

Faux taxidermy by Judith Anderson
Just look at this whippet's head, spotted while sipping a cappuccino and so lifelike from afar. Purple velvet whippet with a pearl necklace and button eyes - genius!

And opposite? A lampshade? Yes- but what a lampshade and what a coat below.

Diaghilev Comes to the Party by Sally Hutson

Complete with an explanatory story, which I sat on the floor to read. 

And over there is a garden bench - again with a book explaining the story. 

Ok, even the story asks the question. Is it quilting? Frankly, does it matter when this is so joyful? A bench, full of family history reincarnated at the NEC. 

Take a Break by Ulrike Tillmanns

And again, but this time a mermaid on a jewel encrusted rock.

Naiad by Claire Crouchley

And more garments - this one  with a darling little bag. 

Citrinesque by Kathy Knapp

And finally, the winner from this category - a rather bonkers clock.  But overwhelmingly eccentric and beautiful.

Thanks to Linda Kemshall for the photograph (you can see her blog here) - there was always too much of a crowd around when I tried to photograph it. 

Clock by Kate Crossley
There were other lovely entries to this category - how to choose which to share?  Difficult but these stick in my memory. 


  1. Thank you so much for a lovely post.....almost like being there!! That wee whippet is fabulous!!!

    1. He was quite amazing. Glad you enjoyed the post. It was better than ever this year, IMHO.

  2. Oh those coats - I love both of them, just wonderful! Thank you for showing us your personal selection of pieces, here & on your other posts, I too feel like I've been there ;) One day I hope to get there in real life!


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