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10 August 2014

So, dear Reader, we set up!

And I was exhausted afterwards!

But, a day with my Mum (clearing out the garden shed) and a day in my studio (finishing 2 pieces of work that have been hanging around for ever + working more on that little book that I mentioned here) and I was ready to do my 'stint' on the CQ Gallery.

79 quilts were entered but only 44 made 'the cut' - you can see all of them here.

I am honoured to have been selected as one of the 44, though I am not sure I would have necessarily selected the same as the judges who apparently did the selection.  Controversial, so I will leave it at that.

That said, the gallery was lovely and the quilts admired.

 When we were hanging the quilts, this one by Sally Hutson caught my eye.

Of course, I had seen and even handled the sample, but the effect of the whole quilt did not come through in just the sample.  Here is the description mounted next to the quilt.

But I then had the joy of spending several more hours in the company of all of these quilts.

And I never tired of looking at any of them.

Below, details from 'Primordial Soup with Euglena by Veronica Coad.

Detail from 'Steamed Up' by Judy Fairless.

And a detail from 'The Wrong Place' by Anne Louise Williams ( a lady close to my heart as she also uses paper!  This one was brown paper on scrim.)

And, finally, just a small point.  You might have spotted in the photo above, that 'Abscission III' didn't travel too well!

When I got to the show I was somewhat alarmed to see that the quilt had 'creased' along the spacer batons.

By the end of day 4 these creases had not dropped out.

So, I need to rethink this!  I have all the quilts safe in my keeping because they are going on their travels and it is more convenient to send them on their way from me, so I will have time to take this apart and think again!  I need much smaller rods I think. And flatter!

Ah well!  You learn as you go along.


  1. Thanks for the exhibit views - always interesting to see quilts in situ.

    As for your quilt's problem - yes, flatter rods or thin slats may help as well as casings with some give like you do with sleeves - Not sure how you installed the rods...and not sure if I'm making sense!

    1. Mini sleeves might be the answer!! I like that idea. I might well give that a go and weight the bottom. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I wasn't able to spend long looking at the Dislocation quilts so thank you for these close up views. I was disappointed for you that the spacers were showing up but it sounds like you've got some good options to explore.

  3. It was an interesting exhibition although I don't think it had the same impact as last year. Had you thought about no spacer bars but backing the pieces with heavyweight lutrador and then rolling it to mail it off?

  4. Thanks for posting - and for hanging the show! Perhaps it's time to consider velcro as a hanging method?

  5. Thanks to everyone for hanging ideas. I'm onto it ( or will be!!)


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