Celebrities at FoQ - Susan Shie

25 August 2014

Much as I love the exhibition quilts at FOQ I have to say it is the galleries that do it for me. 

And this year was no exception. 

I did not photograph them all - some did not allow photos, and some, well I was just photo'd out - but one stunning gallery that caught my eye was Susan Shie. You can read more about her here. 

Now if you google as much as I do, dip into American publications like Cloth Paper Scissors (like I do) and generally fritter away time on the web, then it is likely that you will have come across Susan Shie.  She ranks as a bit of a quilting celebrity.

Her style might not be to everyone's taste, but I love the whimsy and the colour.

These three were just some of the quilts on show in her gallery at FoQ. 

She was at FoQ in 2010 (how did I miss that?) and in this video generously shares some of her techniques. 

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