Being knocked off my feet

25 August 2014

So there I was, dear reader, wandering around the Festival of Quilts, feasting my eyes and generally having a great time. 

And then I came upon one gallery that literally knocked me off my feet - Gabi Mett and Judith Mundwiler: Short Stories; Between the Lines. 

Judith is Swiss and Gabi is German (I love how FOQ is so international) and as I entered their gallery space I literally gave a little gasp of breath.  It was one of those moments. The photos do not do any of the work justice. 

I don't know much about Gabi or Judith.  They share a website here - it is in German but Google will translate for you (though I fear it does loose a bit in the translation).  However, it seems to be a new website and is lacking pictures etc. They do, however, promise an English version - it seems that they had a very good response from FoQ.

While that is in production I can share with you the work that I photographed. 

First up, two panels with small hangings.

You may recall that I am always seeking solutions for displaying work. I am not really a quilter - I would class myself more as an embroiderer, so I was intrigued by this simple yet effective way to 'curate' a series of smaller hangings together.  That alone set my mind racing.

Then there was this.

And this (with detail below)

And this.

A lot of use of papers, yes stitched together, but still paper so you can probably see why my heart had skipped a beat.

My apologies to Gabi and Judith - i am not sure which work was undertaken by who. Remiss of me, but because I was so mesmerised by the whole gallery I did not get my professional act into gear to record everything properly.

So I will leave you with these images and wander off around the web to explore the work of these two ladies elsewhere.


  1. This is fab, so inspirational - and I too like the idea of framing smaller pieces in a group. Just what I needed to get me going again after a long break, thank you!

    1. My pleasure Iz. I need to get going again too. In post holiday slump. Ah well.


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