Cricket Pavilion Envy

19 January 2015

Which probably sounds like a bonkers title for a blog post.

But it is true - I have got Cricket Pavilion envy.  It's a genuine condition - I know!  I have got it!

Ok - pause and breath.  I do have people from foreign shores who read my blog (thank you to all of you - I love how 'international' blogging can be) and to be frank, I have no idea how familiar the Canadians or Americans or indeed anyone other than Australians, Indians and Pakistanis are with that great English export, Cricket (is that all the cricketing nations covered?  And I specifically use the term English, because the Scots and the Irish don't seem to play much).

Come to that, just because you might be Australian and used to whipping us English in the Ashes (please don't ask me to explain if you are American etc. I don't follow cricket at all and have no idea what the  Ashes are - but Australia seems to be involved so I am guessing they're a bit like the Americas Cup - but on land and with cricket bats rather than at sea and in yachts!) even you might not be familiar with the concept of the Cricket Pavilion.  All of which is showing up my ignorance shamefully.

Basically - and any cricket aficionados out there might start cringing at this - from what I can tell Cricket Pavilions are really just swanky wooden huts (often rather lovely) on village greens etc.  All very 'cucumber sandwiches' and 'jelly for tea'.  The sort of place you would expect to see Miss Marple and her knitting or the vicar (probably without any knitting).  How terribly English!!

Anyway, bear with!

The key thing is that they can be rather lovely buildings.

So, you are probably wondering why I have gone off on a bit of a ramble about Cricket Pavilions and indeed why I have CPE.  Well - I blame Laura Kemshall!

Laura is a lady with a pavilion - and with a garden (nay a meadow by all accounts) large enough to house said pavilion. Now you probably see why I have CPE!

And the most exciting thing of all is that Laura is doing workshops in her pavilion and I am going to one!

In April (which seems ages away but no doubt will soon creep up) Laura is doing another Altered Book workshop and I am booked on.

Laura has a whole programme of workshops.  You can find details here.

I am really sorry if you are too far away and if all this talk of pavilions has whetted your appetite too.


  1. Ah, now I get it! Never mind a pavilion, I'd love a garden big enough to have one! Love your description of cricket btw...

    1. Cricket - if ever there was a game invented solely to confuse then it must be cricket. But it has a close analogy to textile arts, for lots of tea and cake seem to be consumed in both.

  2. Replies
    1. Do you guys over the pond have any concept of what cricket is? A truly bonkers game. Even with the final score someone has to tell,me who's won!!

    2. Only vaguely I think. Brief snatches when it's included in a scene in a Tv show or movie. The general impression given off is don't EVEN try to understand it!

    3. It looks all english and romantic, but in my opinion is impenetrable! So yes. Don't even try!!

  3. We have a cricket pavilion in our village, built of stone (oh how posh) but no cricket!!! We use it weekly for our Community Shop

    1. Which sounds like a very sensible use for it. What does your shop sell?

  4. I hope we can live up to expectations. It's not looking too glamorous yet, but the paint brushes are coming out this week! x

    1. It will be a thing of beauty and creativity. I have faith!!


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