Dogs in Coats

1 January 2015

That tantalising pile of Rip Stop Nylon and Plaid was turned into doggy Christmas presents - coats for the handsome dogs in my extended doggie family.

Sadly, we left them under the kitchen table!!! So the dogs did not get to open them on Christmas day, but here are the models modelling them before wrapping.

Pigeon the whippet looking less than impressed in his new coat. Perhaps he did not approve of the 'now you see me' colour scheme.

But not so much that he could not investigate the contents of a bowl of food!

Actually looking quite handsome!

But then, oh the indignity of it all, he had to try on the Yorkie X coat.  Bit small for him and pink lining (she's a bitch!)

Inspecting my handiwork - think he approved!

And finally my boy trying on the coat I made for Bob the Staffie.

Red with a red lining and lots of girth! Bob is a proper chunky staff.

They don't really do this modelling lark do they?  I think it might have been nearly tea time.

If I can get some photos of the actual recipients in their coats (Bob and Lola) I will share those.

If you are wondering, I made the patterns from a variety of other dog coats we have lying around.
I finished the edging in black bias binding, and the coats have a quilt middle to keep them all warm.

The nylon should be shower proof but should also help protect them from wind.  The three dogs they were made for all have very thin fur.  The poor whippet and staff have nothing and Lola is a yorkie cross and has 'hair' rather than fur.  They all feel the cold.


  1. These coats are fabulous! My son had a whippet who had a jacket quite similar to these ones you've made (wow!!!) and he would wait quietly while my son put it on him, because he knew it would keep him warmer!! Great gifts for the puppers!! We all hate to be cold!!
    Hope you've had a lovely 'season' and all the best to you for a wonderful and creative year ahead!

    1. We'll thank you so much. Yes Pigeon will happily wait for his coat. I might make him another one as I'm on a bit of a roll with the coats thing.

      Happy new year to you too. Hope your creativity flourishes.

      And thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Now then! Do you do commissions? Our whippet lad would love one of those - quilted inner too! Such luxury! I'm serious btw :)

    1. Iz, send me his back length ( collar to tail) and his girth. Pigeon is a bit on the scrawny side for a whippet and his pattern may be a bit snug on your boy.

      And tell me your colour preferences too and I'll see what I can do!! Hilary xx

  3. Oh they are superb Hilary! My lot, even though they are thin coats too, prefer to charge around like looneys to keep warm but they do insist on their jammies when they get back to the car!


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