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31 January 2015

More inspirational videos to share with you.

First up a little tag.  Now what I love about this is the texture.

Have a little look and see what you think.  I keep coming back to this.  I need to add more texture and depth to some of my work I think.  This could be the way to go.

And here is another one by the same artist.

 I don't know much about Nicoletta, though I suspect she may be sponsored by Faber Castelle as she uses their products most of the time (great if you want to know what the products do), but I love the textures she creates.

I am off to explore that a bit more.


  1. These were such fun to creative! Tks for posting!

    1. Can you see them? Missing from my own view so I am going to try to re-ignite the links. I don't know if they just come and go or if they are there for other people! Grrr!! Gremlins!

  2. If you come across this page and those little vids aren't there, let me know. The links seem to drop in and out. It is very frustrating. But it might just be me and Apple! Anyway, give me a shout!



  3. You really have to stop posting these videos - I'm spending too much time engrossed in them! Quite helpful in expanding my understanding of how gesso can be used. That second one was of particular interest what with the gesso and watercolor pencils and how she used that stencil, not unlike one I have. Giving me ideas! However, I cannot at all understand why she would spend so much time coloring and fussing with the top and bottom areas only to cover them totally up with those big pieces that in and of themselves are pretty nondescript. To me, that is not unlike doing a ton of intricate piecing and quilting of a quilt top only to stick a big applique motif or two on the top that covers up 2/3rds of your work. WHY WHY WHY? ;-)

    1. Ah, don't worry about the 'why'. That's the art critic in you coming out. Enjoy the process and see what you can borrow in your own techniques. Well, that's my view anyway.

      I love her techniques. I use them as prompts and to give me some hints and tips on direction.

      As always, thanks for dropping by.

      H xx

    2. Oh no, not the art critic but the frugal practical side coming to the fore. I abhor waste & that struck me as wasteful of product not to mention time. I was willing to allow tho that she was making it up as she went & then totally changed her mind at the end, totally following her muse. It really was fascinating to watch & I agree with your assessment as to their value. Carry on!


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