Mark Hearld Part 3 and Finish

13 January 2015

And what a great way to get back into the swing of things! A bit of pattern making and some gentle card making.

On reflection, it would probably have been better if I had used black for the pigeons. Lovely as the inky blue is, with such a busy background the birds were a bit lost.

So I shaded around them with a glaze of paint and Matt medium. It's very
subtle. Then I made them pop out of the background a bit more by using black ink. 


Next a few provisions.

I wanted banners or tags and I could have made my own, but honestly you can pick them up cheaply so a little selection was acquired. 

I also intended to cheat by getting a ready made stamp that said 'Thank you', but I couldn't find one, so instead bought these mini, min letter stamps (too mini really as it turns out as they are so very fiddly.  I would have been better with an old fashioned John Bull Printing press thingy!)

Any way, I chose tags from the selection pack, stamped on the letters (not the best stamping I have ever done!) and then used an ink pad just to dab on a bit of extra colour.

Tags adhered with matt medium again.

Very faint black lines around the edge to make them stand out a bit more (faint, but trust me it is there).

Then I just drew on little strings to attach the tags to the pigeons.

Pigeon post after Mark Hearld finished.

I am rather please with them.  I think one addition would be to add a border (perhaps a contracting printed one) but we'll see.

Anyway, that little mini project got the old grey matter going again, post Christmas.

What have you done to get back into the swing?


  1. These are great Hilary! I've got my muse moving a little by making a mug carry bag and a cover for my sketchbook. Have to get them onto my blog.

  2. These are such fun, Hilary! I have just ordered his book after looking at your work inspired by Hearld! Great stuff! Tks for posting!

  3. I'm not getting commission - honestly. But I think you'll love the book. Every time I dip into it I find something new. He is a genius, but in a very gentle and unassuming way. He's not an 'in your face' genius like some artists.

  4. Your cards and the attached tags are just great, and I also think the pigeons work really well in the blue, especially against the orange patterned background.

    1. Ha ha Cath. Praise indeed for you're. Bit of a bird expert.

  5. Love them; the 'blue birds' are just great as it is the complimentary colour for the orange background!

    1. Thanks Gillian. I am pleased with them too actually. I need to make the print blocks bigger now so cards will be easier to make.


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