A little parcel in the post

21 March 2015

Recently I treated myself to a little something from those lovely people at Paper Artsy. 

Some new paints (on the green/beige spectrum as I think you can see).

I also bought a new glaze. I have yet to try it but apparently it gives an ordinary acrylic a metallic sheen.  That could be useful. 

Some new stencils (I like to make my own when I can but basic shapes like these diamonds are always useful for backgrounds, and I thought those letters might be useful for a new piece of work I have brewing).

And then they kindly threw in a few free gifts.

I found an ink pad and tested them.

I don't really use stamps, but having said that they are quite nice, and the numbers in particular might be useful at some point. 

 I also bought some Treasure Gold - this is a solid waxy medium packed with colour pigment so a little goes a long way.  I bought two colours - gold and this green amber (a green/gold).

You can apply it with your finger.

 Here the green has given a very useful sheen to some raised areas on one of those background papers I made a little while ago.


  1. Hi Hilary! Enjoy your stuff. That metallic glaze is VERY sparkly, quite chunky mica powders in it. I love it on top of pale beige BG's, but I dilute it 50/50 with a plain gloss or satin glaze as for me it is too much sparkle. Amazing things happen with it when used on top of slate grey, or borabora blue. I use it on those the same way you would use stickles, as a small spot accent rather than blanket cover. HTH. I am sure you will find your own unique ways with it too! ~Leandra

    1. I am still to have a play Leandra. But lots of possibilities.

  2. What a lovely package! I especially love the transluscent colours of paper artsy paints. Today I am off for a morning of playing with the new oxide distress pads and the sprinkly things (forgotten their name!) should be fun. I love your books!


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