Unblocking with inks

14 September 2012

Golly - but I am feeling blocked!

Maybe it's because I am having a grim time at work trying to get to grips with the joys and delights of Kitemarking (don't ask), or maybe it's because I am behind on my book keeping duties for Son No 1.

What ever it is, the creative juices just are not flowing at the moment.

However, all is not lost as I have, I think, managed to finish one of the velvet based garden pieces. (i started this little journey back in July with the wonderful Angie Hughes at the Bramble Patch)

I had stitched the organza onto the printed and painted velvet and blasted some of the organza away with a heat gun, but it still looked a bit, well, flat and drab.

So, I got out my inks! (not the brusho inks, but some acrylic inks I already had - honestly some of the girls in the office have a shoe addiction - I think I have an arts materials addiction.  This has to stop, but that is probably another story entirely!)

And I did a bit of touching up.  Very light and subtle - I don't want it to look painted.

I hope you can tell from this photo, but the arch way in the middle of the image and some of the leaves are brighter.

Better I think.  Now I just have to finish it's partner (started at the same time, but the stitching isn't finished yet).

Ok, so maybe not quite so blocked!

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