Brusho powders

4 September 2012

I have to say I am hooked on the Paralympics.  I thought I might be in sport overload after all the olympic hype, but infact, on reflection I probably have not overdone it.  I only dipped in and out of the Olympics and pretty much missed the Tour de France, even though Bradley brought the yellow jersey home.

Anyway, the likes of wheelchair basket ball and Oscar Pistorius have been a bit of a distraction but this evening I was determined to have a bit of a play.

I was very restrained on the shopping when I went to FoQ but I did treat myself to a set of Brusho powders and tonight thought they should come out to play.

I was introduced to Brusho when I did a work shop with Brenda Boardman at the Bramble Patch a couple of years ago.

I have tended to use Procion dye powder for inks, but I know they can be an irritant.  There was an offer on at FoQ, and I succumbed!  (Do I really need any more inks?  Of course I do!)

I just made a few back ground papers.  First of all I used yello and leaf green.  Using a candle I drew leaves onto the paper, then 'painted' on water and then dropped the powder onto the paper through an old tea strainer, kept solely for this sort of purpose. (where it did not dissolve easily I gave it another blast with a spray of water)

Then I did blot it with paper towel, which has reduced the intensity of the colour a bit.

 Then I used lemon and scarlet.  (But with no wax drawing on the paper).

And then I used turquoise and orange, having drawn a squiggle on the paper with the candle first.

And again blotted.

These are just background papers but a good session - quick, simple and needed after a bit of a flog up and down the A34 for the day job (I was on the road at 5.45 am! )


  1. Brusho is wonderful I love the bright colours they produce, dont spill any though, Im still getting green coming out of my kitchen door, (I dropped a pot two years ago) it took an age to clean up. Have you seen the work of Elda Abramson, she uses brusho

  2. Hi Jan - no I have not seen her work but will go and look for her on the web. So far, no spillages, but I can imagine that they will stain! Looking at the pics again, my goodness they are bright!

    If I get time, I will try to stitch a couple at the weekend to continue the experiment.

  3. I am most impressed with this medium and do like the results! Lovely. I actually found your blog because I was looking into contacting Elda Abramson. I met her at the end of 1989 and we were in touch for a couple of years, then nothing, I just thought that maybe she was particularly busy, as I was for a time. Would you know if her email address/home address as given is still valid?
    Thanks and good luck with your immaginative artwork.


    1. Sorry Moira - I have no contact details for Elda Abramson. Sorry.


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