Hemmed In 2: The Middle Gallery

15 December 2012

Here are some more photographs from the Hemmed In exhibition at Milton Keynes gallery.  This gallery focuses on work by the MK Branch of the guild or artists selected by the guild.

Linda Miller - Eight Inch Square 2012 

The Owl and the Pussy Cat 2012 by Madeleine Millington

Angie Hughes - Small Blue thing 2007

Detail of Pockets of Constraint by Sally Hutson (also below)  2012

Detail from ...Of fretted Shrines by Jan Beaney 2009

Of Fretted Shrines

Detail from Skala Eressos (also below)

Skala Eressos A Celebration 2009 by Jan Beaney 

Art Deco by Margaret Pratt (2011)

Magnolia Dusk by Jennie Rayment 2003

Landscape Under Colour by Val Aitken 2011

Blue Fold by Mary Sleigh 2010

Detail from Polar Meltdown

Polar Meltdown by Sandra Meech 2009-11

Oyster Shell 2010 by Margaret Pratt

Excursions In My Mind by Janet Edmonds 2007 and Circles in My Mind 2007

AB1:CMK by Cheryl Montgomery (8 inch square by MK Branch Guild Member)

Iconic Cows by Bonnie White 

Grand Union Canal near Black Horse Wood by Margaret Hulatt (8 inch square  - MK Guild Member) 


  1. I really enjoyed the exhibition, thought it was a first class example of inspiring embroidery and textiles - we are lucky to have it here in MK, those within travelling distance should come visit!.

    1. I agree. I had forgotten how great MK Gallery is (the space is simple yet very effective) and I was completely blown away by the standard of the exhibition. I hope they get lots of visitors. I hope to go back again this week.


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