More Textiles from the Workshop Sale

9 December 2012

Linda Miller wasn't the only textile artist at the Workshop Sale.  There were lots of delicious textile goodies on offer.

First up the jewel like fabics and patterns that are Trisha Needham's work.

Trisha has the most enormous print table you ever saw.  I am in awe of it.  Her studio is upstairs from the space used by the rest of the Workshop Sale, and she spreads her wears out on the large table.

I must say that I have a couple of her luxurious velvet scarfs -  a staple for my winter work outfits (it is amazing how you can dress up a rather cheap and ordinary top with fabulous accessories.)

Have a look at her own website to see more of her work, which is also for sale on Not on the High Street.

Next up, Pazuki.  Puki Blezzard the creative director of Pazuki is a bit of a sweetie.  Lately her prints have become more contemporary.  And she has just smartened up her website to make it very tempting.

I also have a couple of Pazuki scarves - printed delicate linen.  I am tempted by her dresses, though not sure if my shape is quite right for them.  On the day there wasn't time to do a bit of 'trying on.

There were other delights too.

From Catherine Tough (who can also be found on Broadway Market and in John Lewis I think)

And Sally Weatherill.

Lush were also there, but I will come back to them.  I think they sort of need a blog of their own.

So much to share with you.

Happy shopping, if you follow some of the links.


  1. Thanks for these great links - lots to swoon over on those!

    1. And not so far from you either. Trisha Needham's studio is in East Dulwich.

      They are inspiring aren't they?


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