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15 December 2012

I have been wrestling with Blogger and with Picassa.

As a result my lovingly catalogued photos failed to upload.

So, I published with a couple of limited examples and thought that I should try again.

So here goes - a selection of work from the first gallery - the Cube Gallery (this work is from the Embroiderers Guild national collection).

Above and below - Indian Squares by Jean Draper 1985

My Mother by Elisabeth Grace Thompson 1935

Firebird by Beryl Dean 1950

Chords by Elizabeth Beth Thompson (with detail below) dated 1935

Portrait by Susannah Hope 1990

Chanting Cloth, truth like a full earthen bowl - Burma 2007, 2008 by Julia Caprara

Detail of above

Geraniums by Richard Box 1986

Detail of above

Landscape within a landscape by Jan Beaney 1989

Detail of above

Untitled (stitched slate) by Clyde Oliver 1998

Detail from one of the stitched slates

FGS Tea, FGS Eyes Shut, Typewriter II and Blown stitches all by Dionne Swift and dated 2012 

Tranquil Figure by Alice Kettle 1987

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